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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
Small tanks (or more so short tanks) are fun for stems. You don't need a bunch of light to get color since the light is close to the substrate. Many fish will swim through/behind the stems so it doesn't encroach on their space as much as you would think, especially if you keep the stems lower in front, higher in back.

Hopefully I will have time to trim tonight. It should encourage some growth where leaves were lost as well as get some plants spread out more over the tank.
Although this is true, I wonder if the stems stay compact or continue to grow to the top of the water line. I'm not a huge fan of plants hitting the waters surface in small rectangular tanks (I have a fluval spec 5 I'm planting out). Its just not esthetically pleasing.

Yours look just about right. Does that red plant stay low or are trimmings necessary (and how frequent)?
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