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Originally Posted by Kathyy View Post
Here is a stocking calculator for you. Many people here stock much heavier than this but it is a decent starting point.

I prefer my fish to occupy different niches. One bottom feeder - Corydoras sp. One large schooler. One small algae eater. One small schooler and so on.

Choose one for each area of the tank and buy lots of them. A dozen Corydoras but choose one species rather than an assortment. 50 torpedo shaped tetras of one species and 30 deep bodied tetras of another. If you decide you want a large fish species then plan so you can accommodate a good number of them. I find the so called clean up crew to be more interesting to watch than the display fish and do not begrudge smaller display fish numbers because platies, otos and plecos are in the tank.

I haven't had kribs before but dwarf flag cichlids, Laetacara curviceps, were super good parents and not aggressive at all when brooding. They redirected attention away from the babies if a fish looked their way. Pretty neat I thought.

My 180 gallon tank with 20 additional gallons in the sump is understocked with ~12 corydoras, ~12 otocinclus, ~20 platies, ~15 Congo Tetras, ~40 Black Neon Tetras and 2 Bristlenose Plecos. I may end up buying more corydoras, otos and Congo Tetras and would love to find Peacock Gudgeons sometime.

Thanks! Going and putting in what I am considering it;s around 75%. That's not bad considering I plan on this being done over the long, long, long run. Though it does say the Kribs are too aggressive with my other selected fish on that site.

Thanks for that - I've talked to a few people at LFS and such, and it seems more to come down to the individual fish? I just hoped the extra space for make mild the aggression, even through breeding. I'm hopeful. How would the Kribs go with the Rams, do you think? Okay as lond as I break up their line of site and such?

Congo tetras are sweet, but prefer lower temps, sadly. Same with the black neons, I think.. I liked those also. Do your Corydoras school in those numbers?

And @ Roadmaster, that can vary, as my house uses bore, well, rain and town water in various places... So the type of water I can use also can change... But I will have to test each and see if what I want... soft, slightly acidic water, is possible. Thanks! I think 5 - 10 dH and still pH 6.8 or so.

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