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Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
Instead of several schools of small fish, have you thought of a large school of them. Yes, with plenty of other tankmates. I have a 210 and am pondering the same thing. One large school could act as that center piece. Throw in a couple of larger fish (none that would eat them) and they should stay schooled and will look awesome moving through the tank. I just bought 32 balloon lamp eye tetras and love the tight schooling look. There is a video of them in both my journal and right here in the fish forum. Our tanks have the same foot print, mine is just a tad taller. Doesn't look like that many fish. So either I am going to add a second school of rummynose, or add more to this school.

I have kept kribs in a community planted tank before, and only during mating were the aggressive. Luckily they chose a spot in one of the corners of the tank to have their young. If you do, make sure you give lots of hiding spots.

I thought a large school of diamond tetras would be nice.. But I'm not sure what constitutes a 'large' enough number hahah 24? 35? I had looked at the balloon lamp eye tetras after seeing your posts, but they seem to require the lower temperature waters.

What are some higher temperature tetras which school really well?

I'll go have a look at your video now, thanks!

Good to know the Kribs were ok in your tank, would it be safer to just have one? Or would that just be sad for the fish?
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