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This is one of those updates that may or may not be interesting but I need it for my own reference. I kicked it with fellow member OVT today. Among discussing life, music, sleeping patterns, lack of sense of direction, dogs, booze and other, we talked a lot about planted aquariums.

In the process, I talked about how I was getting some string/hair algae of some sort. It started when I first moved this tank to my GF's apartment. The tank struggled and it appeared. When the tank got back in order, it thrived about as much as the plants, never taking over but always a nuisance. When we move again, it subsided with the plants struggling from the move and came back with the plants.

He turned me on to using PondCare AlgaeFix, which he found through Tom Barr. He also gave me what he had left, as well as giving me a bottle of wine for my girl, quite the homie. Normally, I would try other mean to rid things of algae but this is thriving when the plants thrive, subsiding when they struggled from the move. I figure I will give it a try.

These pictures are for my reference but some may like them. This is way to much of a jungle for my taste. New additions are blyxa, HM, rotala bangladesh, and one more I don't remember and should have. Trim will come when everything has bounce back to where it was before the move and new plants are rooted well.

Pics (with algae)...light needs adjustment as well...

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