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10g LFS-Only tank

Ok, I am hired as an employee at one of my Local Fish Stores (well...I got that job, just haven't started working yet) and he is going through a major money problem, which tends to happen after almost 5 months of moving (started August) so I am going to work for free till his business stabilizes. He said that the best he could do was give me store credit and since I don't need the money to survive (spoiler: I'm only 16) and noneof his current employees will work for him for free I am taking this chance to get a tank set-up right this time around(if you haven't seen my other ones, I either tore them down or they look like s***).

Now that I got the back story out of the way, it's time to get into this.

First, my plans:

-Your guess is as good as mine. . .

-Blue Velvets (which are from the 5g I'm tearing down for this)

I'm also saving for a nice chunk of DW at the LFS (maybe a weekend's worth of work will earn enough store credit).

While I was there I decided to get my very first "plant substrate" and so this build began. He even gave me an employee discount so I only had to pay $26 I hope I picked a good substrate as it was this and one other one so I decided on this.

Soaking my tank in water and white distilled vinegar since it use to be a Reef tank and has some crud on it.

Anyone know of any good lights/light fixtures to use for this?

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