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Using Low Light House Plants

Hello gaby...

You don't want to emerse the plant in the filter itself. The roots will stop up the works in the filter. Most plants will be too large to fit the filter. The land plants will be fine if you remove all the potting mixture and expose the roots and place the plant root ball under the water with the leaves above. Any leaves left under water will die.

There are several that will work. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema) is by far the best. Pothos is second and varieties of Philodendron are third best. There are others, but they don't grow as well. Peace lily, Impatiens and possibly Nephthytis.

Aglaonema, Pothos and Philodendron require only low, room light. That's why I use them. The best varieties of "Ag" are Cutlass and Gemini. Modestum is excellent too, if you can find it.


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