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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
The 1st impression I had was DUTCH AQUARIUM.

I suggest you read this Thread

You are well on the way already. There are a few design "rules" and composition practices to adapt to. I personally prefer a Bio-Type tank but,
I truly respect people that can maintain a Dutch Style tank. I feel it truly showcases one's skills in Aquatic Gardening.
Ya?? The only issue is with my Marmorata pike! He is gonna get pretty big and needs at least one big space for swimming, and probably a tunnel/cave-like structure. I could do that with plants I bet, but not sure!

As for the biotope, I think I have way too many plants to do one from the area where my pike is from (I think the oricinco river basin?). I just know pikes generally leave the aquascape alone, unlike most cichlids.

The link was very helpful! Thank you!
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