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A bit of an update.
Theres been plenty of steady growth. Plants are colouring up well.

I have added some Ludwigia glandulosa which is loving it in my tank so far. It was planted on saturday and it already has roots about 2-3 inches long (i pulled one up to see if they were rooting in ok).Also the Tonina fluviatilis i recieved in the mail was stuck in 42oC heat over the weekend and isnt looking great. The seller is sending a new batch.

The Limnophila aromatica "red" that i ordered appears to actually be Pogostemon stellatus. Im just waiting to comfirm that.

I purchased these plants as Heteranthera zosterifolia.
The plant on the left is much messier, fast growing and throws out side shoots where as the one on the right maintains is structure much better and deeper colour stem.

I believe the one on the left is indeed Heteranthera zosterifolia but the one on the right... is Eichhornia diversifolia. So i have removed the messier Heteranthera zosterifolia and kept the Eichhornia diversifolia.

I had to trim the crowns off my Ludwigia sp Cuba unfortunatly as they were getting too tall. On the plus side, i now have doubled the amount of stems!

Persicaria sp. 'Porto Velho' has gone nuts with growth as well - I will need to sell some of this plant off next trim. Rotala mexicana 'Goias' has finally started to spread as well, very pretty plant.

Im haiving issues still with my Hemianthus micranthemoides melting as well as my Pogo helferi. It seems to grow really green and then melt... grow back and melt again. Really confussed. My UG seems to not be doing much in terms of spreading either although it remains green.

I also had another algae outbreak - i have used some H2O2 and glut so hopefully it will not return.

I feel like i need some Staurogyne sp "Tropica" to contrast agains the red colour of the Ludwigia glandulosa. Unfortuantly, all my Staurogyne has melted.

Heres a quick FTS - before and after trim (excuse the dust cloud!)

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