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low light houseplants for HOB filters or paludarium

Hi all, I am making a list of houseplants that can 1) do fine in low light from a north-facing window, and 2) can survive with their roots immersed in the water of a tank or HOB filter.

I've found lists of houseplants on other threads, but they are for houseplants that are under a nice light. My plants will only get minimal lighting from a north-facing window in the winter time in upstate NY, I might add.

What I'm using so far in my tanks that do well are
  • varieties of pothos and philodendron
  • purple waffle
  • peave lilly
  • "bamboo"

I'm sorry I don't have the scientific names. It's easier to go through Lowes with the common names in hand, though

I have an apartment full of houseplants, since my roommate is a plant science major. However, these plants need bright light and currently crowd our numerous south and west-facing windows. The north-facing windows are currently devoid of all plants except african violets.

Thank you all
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