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-What exactly are your water parameters? "Quite hard", "low-to-no nitrites" and "mild pH" are pretty vague.

As I'm at work ATM I don't have access to the exact figures but I can do measurements and post back later. I was just summarizing what the basic parameters of my tap water are.

-Is there a reason you keep your temp that high?

As this will be a discus tank shortly, I wanted to have the water be at that temperature far in advance so I could see how the other fish and plants would respond.

- How much are you feeding your fish?

Twice daily, bloodworms in the morning and flake food at night. I'm careful not to under or overfeed.

- How long has your tank been set up?

About 5 months now. I meant to have a higher bioload in the beginning to cycle the tank faster for the discus, but due to one reason or another have stuck with these little fish for all this time.
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