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Originally Posted by FisheriesOmen View Post
LEDs = No chillers = no probelm

The reefing hobby has changed dramatically since the 90s.

ddiomede, I completely agree with you. There are a lot worse things out there and this hobby isn't one of them. I can safely say that the majority of corals people buy (all of them in my case) are frags of other aqua-cultured corals.
Same here. I just got back into the marine hobby after years of keeping freshwater. I stopped back in the 90's because the technology IMO wasn't good enough to maintain these animals. Now since it's come a long way I figured I would get back in.

I am a member of a local reef keeping forum and nearly everyone on there trades and sells frags to one another. Most shops also only sell frags because people are gravitating towards aquaculture.

So with more and more folks looking towards sustainability, there is less impact on the reefs. As more and more people understand the husbandry of these animals, we can further limit wild collection. There will always be new corals that people will want in their collections, but once they're collected, people soon begin to aquaculture them so less need for wild stock.

Fish on the other hand is a different matter altogether. Many of the species cannot be bred in aquariums.

In short, it's up to us hobbyists to set the bar. When we go into pet shops and buy something that we have never seen before and don't know how to keep it is when we've failed the environment, as well as the hobby.
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