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Question Aggressive Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami

Hi Everyone, I'm so excited that I found this site! I am new to the hobby, in fact I got involved only because I decided to set up an aquarium for my nephew because I did not want land critters in my house. Anyway I have a 20 gallon aquarium that has been running now for only 2 months, it's fully cycled (I didn't even know what this meant two months ago) and heavily planted. The water is cyrstal clear, ph 7.5, temperature 80F, and no detectable levels of ammonia, nitriates, nitrates (I use test strips). I perform a 25 percent water change every week and change out my filter (Penguin Biowheel 150) every two weeks. For the plants I fertilized the substrate once and I use liquid fertilizer (1 tsp with every water change). I have 2 corys, 3 platys, 6 neon tetras, 1 ram, 1 betta, a bunch of cherry shrimp and a neon blue dwarf gourami which I added two weeks ago. So plants are doing great and the fish seem happy except that a week ago the gourami started tearing up my plants and started building a raft (which I assume is the start of a nest) and he is now very aggressive to the rest of the fish, chasing and nipping his tank mates. Everyone says dwarf gouramis are supposed to be peaceful but just my luck I got the only sociopath! Will this problem go away or do I have to get rid of him?

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