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Originally Posted by schoolzoo View Post
There has to be an easier way to feed this critter. This evening it took me around 10 minutes to get it to eat 1 small meal worm. I gave up trying to get it to eat a second after half an hour. Please help.
I have a large pair of tweezers and am trying to feed by holding the food in front of it. Even with the food touching it, the salamander wasn't interested.
Amazing how blind they seem to be and how often they miss getting the food isn't it? I have no clue how they survive in the wild LOL. Keep in mind that we are in to winter now, and this is usually their sleep time. Its metabolism may be slowing down, just be sure and try to feed it at least once every 3 days or so.

Originally Posted by schoolzoo View Post
Here is a picture of what I've done so far.
Looks good so far. I understand the reasoning for wanting to use plexi, but IME, you're going to have a really hard time keeping the silicon bonded to the plexi and glass. I would just run a straight piece of glass across the tank, and use that nice corner area for wetland type plants.
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