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Originally Posted by KenRC51 View Post
How many bubbles a sec are you running with the GLA atomizer diffuser and for how many hours?
Right now my regulator is temporary so I don't have a bubble counter. I have it adjusted so the drop checker is green, 7hrs a day.

Originally Posted by jmhart View Post
1)You're running a 2213 as your filter and separately you're running a Mag 2.5 for your co2 reactor? Do I understand that correctly?From your specs sounded like maybe the 2213 was busted and you were using a Mag 2.5 to push water through it (using the eheim as just a cannister with no eheim pump...which would be a really ingenius solution to a busted cannister filter pump).

2)Have you used the 2213 alone on the tank without the Mag 2.5? How was the flow. I've got a 2215 on mine right now and the flow is way too strong. Screws up my 'scape and stresses my fish. Wondering if the 2213 will be slow enough.

And a comment/suggestion:

You said that the Mag 2.5 is loud. Have you thought about running your co2 inline before the filter? I've been doing this for years and letting my cannister filters double as co2 reactors. Haven't had any problems and it does a great job of dissolving the co2. Been doing it on eheims for at least 5 years.
1. I don't have a co2 reactor but an atomizer in the tank. The reactor is where I inject air so that I don't gas my fish. Also my eheim 2213 does work but the flow was too weak which is why I have the mag drive hooked up. The flow was non existant.

2. If I was you I would continue to use the 2215 and just turn down the flow. The 2213 is waaaaay too weak.

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