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Thank you for the considered answer you gave. I am always being scolded about light/fert vis-a-vis CO2 and so this approach with high light and root ferts interests me, if not for any other reason than that it broadens my education.

I have yet to bring it to the cognoscenti here because I'm afraid I'll get blasted out of the room with why I'm wrongs, but I have a typical pressurized CO2 setup with a cerges reactor on a closed loop spray bar being pushed with a Mag 7 pump choked back enough to keep the tank from looking like 7-Up. Drop checker YELLOW on opposite side of 40b from spray bar. Excellent circulation via FX5/spraybar, etc..

I get BBA GROWING on the CO2 spray bar! I received a batch of plants from someone who was tearing their tank down and with these plants were a few patches of HG that had a tiny little bit of BBA in it. BIGGEST MISTAKE was thinking "oh I'll just tweeze it out" when I put it in my tank. One year later and this stuff is like a 50's monster movie and nothing I have been able to do has curtailed it any.. All I can do at this point is pluck plant leaves and scrape it off walls and fixtures. This is all with three 23w 6500 twist CFLs on about 8.5 hrs a day...

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