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Originally Posted by Perchance View Post
So, after quite a few years and a large move and various power outages, I've giving up on fixing my tank back to how it was as a reef not long ago. The tank has therefore been turned into a planted freshwater tank.

It's 6ft x 2 ft x 2ft, with a sump, 2 inches of river sand underneath and inch of river pebbles and 8 x 80 t5 lights. I'm using fertilizer tabs instead of a already fertilized substrate due to cost.

At the moment, I just added a few plants, and a couple driftwood peices, as well as 10 Harlequin Barbs.

I really need some stocking advice, though, as it differs so much from the marine stocking I'm used to.

I really really really want some Kribensis cichilids, as they have been a favorite of mine for a while. But the opinions on these are so conflicting. And while I've read though a lot of posts asking if they're suitable community fish, usually the tank is a fair bit smaller and thus I thought that would be reflected in the answers I've read. In my tank, would their aggression be more mild due to space?

I also would love blue and gold rams, though I know they prefer lower pH and higher temps, so that depends on what other fish I get. These also a ground dwelling, and may conflict with the Kribs, but I thought there should be enough space.

I would also like, perhaps, some Discus, a small group as a centre peice.

Other then that, I'm lost in terms of what tetras, barbs, killifish, loaches, rainbow fish and whatever else to get?

What are some better schoolers and what would be the best numbers in my size tank?

Sorry for such a long question, and thanks for any help! Cheers
Would keep fishes that enjoyed the GH,KH,pH of water I could most easily re-produce(ie) tapwater.
Domestic dDscus would be fine in wider range of water but may only breed in soft water with low TDS (total dissolved solid's).
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