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I have the rock wall almost finished. I decided to go with a curved wall to give a more natural spot fot the stream to enter. The next step is to fill the holes with the great stuff pond. I used a 2 part putty type epoxy to hold the rocks in place, and then silconed each steam with black aquarium silicon. (Took longer than expected as I could only do 1 layer of rock at a time.) As I don't completely trust my building skills yet, I've also decided that to make sure my substrate doesn't become water logged I'm going to silicon in a piece of plexi just behind the rocks. I found a small canister filter that will power the small stream (I'll build that this evening with the great stuff pond). I'll hide the intake on the bottom under some rocks, and use some kibd of plant to hide the hose as it goes up the wall. I'm not going to paint the back of this one as it is by a window and I still want to be able to see the deer when they pass by. (No worries - direct sunlight does not come in)

Yesterday the salamander spent a large part of our lunch break wandering around his small tank.
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