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Ohkay.. So this is a little list I thought MIGHT work. I've mainly been looking to suit temperature so required pH and hardness might differ. I plant to keep the pH at maybe 6.8, the temp around 28C and the water fairly soft.. I hope haha

I don't have a clue on numbers yet? I couldn't find anywhere if Rams and Kribs prefer to be introduced in small groups or what, but I'm thinking of including the following

A school of Diamond Tetras
A school of either Cardinal or Conchus Blue Tetras
Khuli Loaches
Clown Loaches
Emerald Catfish
Sterbai Cordoras
Albino Corydoras
German Blue Rams
Gold Rams
Discus (lassttt - centre peice also) I think they;re worth the maintenance and different tank conditions even if it takes months to years before I am comfortable that everything is stable enough.

I fear there are too many bottom dwelling fish, and I also worry about the agression of the rams with the cories. If the cories wont work, then I could use Dwarf Loaches (sidthimunki) as they also tolerate the warmer water up to 30C

So what numbers would you do for these fish? What are the larger clashes? Also, with the Kribs agression, I hoped the emerald catfishes larger size might also help.

Opinions? Feel free to say it's stupid if it really is an impractical list.

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