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Thank you for the input - I have no shortage of reading to do hahaha It's a bit overwhelming, going to Google the name of each fish as I come across it. If I did a higher temperature tank, with rams and discus or other fish with the same temp, pH and hardness requirements, what kind of loaches would suit, as I know cories would be out?

With the Kribs, I was hoping that even if they did spawn they would keep to a pot in the corner and maybe just defend their area but not attack other fish? I'm unsure. I love these little guys, but don't want a random bloodbath.

Also, does the softer water do much for plants? I may be getting confused with the pH/Kh relationship for CO2, but do plants usually prefer harder water?

I saw some Penguin tetras today, they were fairly cute. I also liked the longfin Serpae Tetras, Widow tetras and a few others. But I live in a rural area, local stuff is scarce.

I admit, I'm not a huge fan of Angelfish, though they are regal looking when fully matured. I would also worry about their aggression and getting their fins nipped

Am going to read some more on discus now. My tank sits at about 27 regardless, and I'd be ok with the waterchanges and maintenance, but keeping the water soft could be an issue
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