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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
I'm an idiot.

I was looking at all these different fish and thought, gee, these blue tetras look good. Nice smaller rummy nose sized fish. Perfect swimming patterns and schooling etc. Good color etc.

They bite every other fish's tail in the tank.

Ain't gonna work.

Back to the plan:

Boraras brigittae
Or the Red phantom tetras. The Red phantoms are nice fish, but sort of hugged the plants a bit too much for my taste, but bothered no one, never jumped out, ate well, awesome color etc.

Water change and net them all out tomorrow and in the 20 Gal garage tanks till I get a chance the return them. PITA.

Did I say I'm an idiot?
Not an idiot Tom, just made a bad choice like us humans do. The blue tetras are the most aggressive tetra I have ever kept. Even in large numbers they are always chasing each other and anything else that gets close to them. Too bad because they do have some beautiful coloration. What about some orange von rio tetras?

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