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Originally Posted by Bryanmc1988 View Post
also has anyone coded a timer to run with the arduino for say a co2 solenoid and for lighting on/off timer? if thats a yes, please share =)
I'm working on a pH controller that turns on/off a relay (that is hooked up to a solenoid). So far, it works fine with hard-coded pH values.

I'm working on editing a TFT LCD for input, so that the user can adjust the pH as required, and then have the values saved to EEPROM, etc, so that the pH controller will work fine.

Of course, temperature monitor and RTC is there as well, so I can control lights, etc.

I think the lighting on/off timer shouldn't be too hard; again, just have the TFT LCD accept inputs, and have the on/off schedule values written to EEPROM so that it'll be there even if power is lost.


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