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I tried making it thinner but it was impossible remove in one piece. Well at least it's better than the breather bag. I also have a big sheet of vytek. I'll try that later. Making the silicone membrane was easy. A glob of silicone between wax paper and a rolling pin or in my case a wine bottle. Let cure for a few days and peel slowly of one piece and then let it cure completely.

I just did some equipment check and was trying to figure out why the relay wouldn't trigger the solenoid. It turned out the water still had 44+ppm of co2 in it. This is 6 hours after lights out.

I'm going to stay with ranges of 35- 40 ppm. My fishes just aren't happy with the amount I've been pumping in and BBa isn't completely eliminated. I've put the sensor farthest from the outtake so some area will be more than 40 ppm I'm sure.

Can you imagine the amount of co2 we're pumping into these tanks? Over 33x the amount in air.

I'll check the co2 sensor manufacturer if they make something higher than 10,000 ppmv.
**** they do make a 30,000ppm and a 300,0000 ppm model but they're $250.

The 30,000 module should work. The maximum value is 132 ppmw.

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