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Originally Posted by scbrooks87 View Post
Ok cool, thanks for the info! I'll go for the 36" ray 2. My thinking is this... If I get a light that is too much, I can raise it up, or I can put a "screen" between the light and the tank to reduce how much light actually gets to the tank.

On the other hand, if I buy a light that ISN'T enough... Then I'd be stuck buying another light. Kinda like if you cut a board too long for what you need, you can always cut a bit more off, but if you cut it too short, you need to buy a new board...

Just needed to hear what others thought. and 2x55w is a fair chunk of light for non co2. I'm also going to be filtering pretty heavily so that will help.
2 x 55 watt PC bulbs could give you low light or high light or anything in between, depending on the reflectors, the ballast, how high above the tank they are. Watts just tells you how much electricity they use.

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