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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
I know that a bunch of people have given you advice on what to do and I think you should do whatever you want. I don't know much about furniture or antique fish tanks but I know a lot about cars. There are 3 ways to keep cars valuable and I think each philosophy would be an appropriate way to look at the tank.

Original-Keep it as is. Original is only a good idea if the condition is right. I can not tell how good it will look original but you would only do a basic clean up and fix any problems that prevent it from working.

Restored-Restore it to it's original glory. Depending on condition, that may mean getting it polished or replated. Glass would be replaced where not reusable and sealed cosmetically correctly, even if you used a more modern sealant.

Restomodded-Restored and modified. This is, for many, the best of both worlds but in the car world, only valuable when done to a very high standard. I would think you would want to replace all glass with high clarity, reseal to a very high standard. Replate the tank if polishing won't be enough. Clear powder coat it to bright it up to today's standards so no water chemistry issues will arise. Powder coat the stand part and redo any wood.

I just think using one of the 3 philosophies above will get you the best experience without guilt. Again, I don't know how that would affect value but if you did sell, I would think someone would appreciate any of the 3, as long as it was done to a high standard, and would be willing to pay good money.

That's wack about American Restoration. My GF and I thought about going on a show when we purchased a house as we thought it would be fun but only if it was for financial benefit. We found very quickly that it was really setup for those who just wanted to be on TV, any financial gain or other sponsor involvement was absolutely minimal. It would have cost us more money to be on the show than to not be, not that we were ever accepted, just though it would have been fun but it didn't turn out to be a great idea for people who don't want 5 min of fame.
Condition isn't right so no sense in keeping it original.
I'm going to try to go the restoration route.
The only part I plan to do as far as restomodding is to use a modern pump and filter. It would be difficult to find an original working pump and filters were not used when this tank was made.

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