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Okay, I've added some more plants. I've got rotala (colorata?) over to the far right, with a bunch of anubias nana in front of it going down the hill. I planted a few pogostamon helfiri right behind the foreground plants (two normal sized and one baby). Behind that up the hill are a few rotala indica and then some bacopa behind that.

Ignore the diffuser that's attached to a rock via rubber band. I'll be mounting that nicely soon, but it came in today and I wanted to swap out the chopstick/cotton ball contraption I had on there.

They were just planted tonight, so they are going in every direction. Hopefully they fill in nicely soon. Also, I put in a drop checker with some home made 4 dKH solution and it's turned a nice green color, so I guess the chopstick/cotton ball temporary diffuser was working well.

I'd like to fill in a few "poofier" plants like some Cabomba or something, and then I'm going to put some tall grass like jungle val in the back corners (but nobody in SNS has any!? Anybody want to sell some?) Was also thinking of some DHG around the rocks, but I'm afraid it'll take over.

Other than that, I'll just be watching it fill out. I'm dosing 1/2 EI to go along with the CO2, and I'm trying 10 hours per day @ 2.25 watts/gallon for light. We'll see how this all goes.

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