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T. candidi male, I've already said enough about him!:

Him again, but check out the S. axelrodi blue in the shot. These are my favorite of the 3 rasboras, for one the blue + red + black is stunning, and they spend the most time mindlessly swimming the mid tank.

M. kubotai: Second fav of the rasboras, They spend a lot of time mindlessly swimming, probably the nippiest of them all, compared to the pygmie rasboras and the neon blue's these guys look like great whites, and they are about 2/3" long! The green is hard to photograph..but they look pretty sweet.

Another S. axelrodi blue shot..The blue is iridescent and doesn't show up from all angles.

T. candidi male's tail sticking out of the cave, the female is in there with him

Emersed basil, harvested some leaves for pasta sauce the other night!

Utricularia graminifolia, continues to progress, flowers on some pots.

A diffrent Utricularia, note the rounded leaf tips, this ones staying a bit smaller than UG, and tends to lie more flat


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