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+3 Corydoras hasbrosus on 12/2/2012

The tank has come to life, with 11 rasboras/danios flying around and 3 corys it is madness! and I'm still pretty understocked. The T. candidi have been very interesting. The first day they were adjusting, kind of checking out the surroundings, eating some copepods. 12/2 the male was getting territorial and chasing the female when he found her, both feasted on frozen bloodworms-female was fat when I got her, now even fatter. Now comes 12/3 and the female is in the cave, the male goes in to visit her, She hasn't really come out all the way so I can't see if she's lost some weight. Appears to be busy in there... Lets just say I'm glad to have dwarf cichlids again. Oh yea did I mention moar pics!!


B. maculata: of the 3 rasbora/danios I got these are probably the least exciting, but they do look really cool and were very inexpensive. They spend the most time foraging.. kind of reminds me of a guppy, but they have a really cool torpedo shape to them- especially love the powerful caudal region.

C. hasbrosus, these guys were the hardest to photograph, they don't stop!
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