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Ok, so I'm not quite sure if aquariponics is actually a real word, but anywho.

I posted a small 30 liter tank a while ago, named "The brown tank". It was nice but the tank was beyond second hand when I got it and full of scratches and silicone. It has gone to tank heaven (storage).

I built this tank instead, inspired by aquaponics. In the bottom back there is a small pump pushing water through a hose to the upper level. It then rains down onto the lower box, gets filtered by sand and then back into the front of the tank.

Its about 8g, or 30 liters with the base measuring 43 cm wide,38 deep and 20cm high.

It has 5 zebra fish and a axelotl in atm, and Im looking for something very peaceful with a large bioload to add to the mix. Need alot of poo to substain the plants.

As for waterplants I have:

Hygrophila siamensis
Java fern
Echinodorus bleheri

Normal plants:

Nephrolepis exaltata
Chlorophytum comosum
Spathiphyllum wallisii
Mondo grass "kyoto dwarf"
"Plant to the far right I forgot the name of"

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