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Originally Posted by Seattle_Aquarist View Post
Hi Hmoobthor,

First let me complement you are your judgement and choice, Kordon Mist makes the finest airstones....period. The glass bead design don't plug as quickly as sandstone, they doesn't 'break down' like sandstone, and I can recharge them with vinegar water. Personally I prefer Medium but Fine is good as well.

Our LFS don't stock them, and they are hard to find online, but if I ask one of my LFS they will special order them by the box for me; apparently one of our local wholesalers stocks them because I usually get them in a week.

yes u are right...

this is what i want and need to use...

I have a fine verison air stone that I bought a while back..way way back at my local store but now they don't even get it in and i ask them to get some.....was told 1-2 weeks (but might be even longer or none at all unless u really push them into it)

I really like using it alot!! I know i put one into one of my sponge filter and never did clean it.

I like the fine air stone for the fact that it doesn't distrube the water much and put tiny bubble ( i like tiny)

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