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Originally Posted by jpmfx View Post
I have a new 20g tank with pool sand and safe t sorb substrate. It's been a beast to cycle because of low ph. I tried a couple of ph raisers to no avail. However seachem alkaline buffer has changed all that.
very stable, it has maintained ph at a high enough level for beneficial bacteria to do their job. working like a charm!
Thanks for your comments.
That has generally been my experience with it as well, and I'm very satisfied with the efficacy of the product.

In answer to the question: "Does Seachem Alkaline Buffer contain anything besides sodium bicarbonate (plain baking soda) ? " , put to the Seachem lab,
Seachem states:
"Besides sodium bicarbonate, Alkaline Buffer contains, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and other bicarbonate salts".
(These 'other bicarbonate salts' are not specified by Seachem).
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