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Originally Posted by Meganne View Post
small first step. the glass is cleaned. quite please how clean it did come though not perfect.
it is outside, filled and given some time to asure there are no leaks.
there is a water line I cant quite remove about 3 inches from the top. the black rim is so thin the water level can not be hidden. though the scale shadow does not show much I dont think it will take anytime for it to look obnoxiuos an fear I wont be able to keep it nice looking. I think I will frame out a nice collar/top so I can keep the water line hidden.
never heard of them refered to as a collar, or a top. as far as i know, most ppl call them a canopy. anyways, use hydrocloric acid to get rid of anything staining the tank, works wonders. also called muriatic acid, they use it for pools not sure what else. it will work wonders for you. get a like 60 dollar painr brush from home depot and use that to wipe it on ur problem areas. use gloves if ur to scared to mess with it, and respirator, safety glasses. works wonders. and dirt cheap.
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