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Thanks for all the comments, guys!

Originally Posted by junglefowl View Post
I love those rock on the left side at the 4th picture!
Great start! Can you have some info on the substrate and light?
Sure, I'm using eco-complete for the substrate. It's about a bag and a half. For lighting it's a 36" Coralife T5NO. It will definitely be raised once I fill it, that's part of why my algae was so bad in the original setup.

I also have 9 green neon tetras and 9 CPD's. They're chillin in my 10g quarantine tank until this tank is ready to go.

I decided the tank does need a rock on the right, and I started adding some HC. I'm going to be dry starting for a while to allow the litte buggers to root. I have to wait until my LFS gets some more HC in stock before I can add anymore unfortunately, which will probably be another week.

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