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50% Amazonia 50% Eco-Complete ??


Joined TPT a couple months back but have just been reading and reading (1st thread ... yah!! Finally my wife says.) So i figure i'm at a point where i can/should start asking some questions.

I am not 100% certain on a tank setup, plants, lighting or Co2 yet. Still figuring things out on paper (more like online) first. But just a quick idea of what i am looking to setup:

75 gallon (48" x 18" x 21") Standard Tank for 15+ Female Betta Splenden Sorority. Was thinking of mediumn lighting as betta are not really a fan of high lighting, but would like to have nice plant growth as well (low lighting isn't so good for plant growth seems like.) Anyhow... to my question about substrates.

Has anyone tried 50% Aqua Soil Amazonia 50% Eco-Complete ?? They each have their own pros and cons but i was thinking of mixing the two hoping the pros and concs will balance each other out.

Still a total noobie at this; thoughts/ideas welcome. Thanks!!!
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