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Talking My First Planted Nano

Ok folks, so it's taken a few months of planning & preparation with a few hurdles along the way, but I've finally got my very first planted tank up and running!!!

Hurdle #1: De-rim Fail on a 5gallon!

I still have the tank. I'm planning on cutting it down and making a very shallow reef tank out of it.

Hurdle #2: Baby Emmitt came along!!

Okay so he wasn't a surprise, but I WAS hoping to have the tank up and running before he got here. I just didn't work fast enough!

Hurdle #3: Me, myself, & I. Really I was my own biggest hurdle. Every time I decided on the substrate I wanted, I read something else and changed my mind. Every time I decided on plants, I'd read and change my mind. At one point I almost decided to buy a 90 bowfront from a friend and just start big. (Glad my wife decided against that one for me lol.).

Well anyway, the final solutions are as follows:

Miracle Grow organic potting soil base (rinsed thoroughly & floaters skimmed out)
Quikrete Playsand cap

Rotala Wallichii
Rotala Indica
Limnophila Hippuroides
Blyxa Auberti
Hermianthus Callitrichoides

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