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Wayne Dwops
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I did unwrap the anacharis, and it looks much better now, just drifting around.

There isn't really any organization to my design, I had something in mind but was only able to go to petsmart/petco this weekend and they didn't have anything I wanted, so I just got what I thought looked okay and messed with it until I was satisfied.. I did order a piece of mopani driftwood to hopefully add some height to the middle piece though. I definitely want to get some crypt wendtii now along with the java moss and java fern. I am hoping to create a nice moss carpet on the left side of the tank so that it goes from green moss to the hill of black substrate to the white sand.

Would it be way too much to put 10 corydoras hasbrosus in with 5 or 6 CPD? Otherwise I will get CPD and RCS which will add a nice red contrast similar to chili rasbora but harder to kill.

I also just ordered an Aquaclear 50 to replace the Penguin. After messing with the penguin filter for two hours last night and having flashbacks to the horrors of trying to keep goldfish water clean with my olllld Penguin mess I decided I would rather have an Aquaclear.
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