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the side and back were siliconed. i tried the fishing line and it didn't work so i tried the boiling water and fishing line and it didnt work. so i finally broke down and got my point chisel and a tack hammer out and started to break it out. i was very careful not to hit to hard and i made sure to put point breaks in the glass so it would break where i wanted it to. (I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND DOING THIS) i got it almost out now and decided to update every one i only have the back left and i feel very very happy that is gone but i feel bad i cant reuse the back for a small tank lol. thank you all for your help. your so very helpful (125g planted tank, 2 angelicus botia loaches, gold gourami, 4 swordtails, pictus cat, striped raphael cat, 3 albino longfin bushynose plecos, 2 oto cats. 2 whitecloud's, a bunch of guppies, red cherry shrimp, assassin snails, and mts, and a peacful crowntail betta) (ph 7ish depends on co2, kh unknown gh unknown, dose with ferts as needed about once a week and diy c02 so plants dont die) again thank you all for your help.

all thats left is a small piece of the back
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