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Originally Posted by FlyingSheep View Post
So, I've been thinking of building a spray bar for my Rena canister filter. The reason I want to build it out of normal plumbing pies as it's going to be perfect for my specifications. That, and it looks like I would need to buy this little gal (as I'm missing some pieces):

I'm willing to spend money on my planted tank. But 60$ compared to 5$ (I already have aquarium safe silicon) does seem like I'm just tossing money down a money bit filled with money eating piranhas.

Worth the effort? Anyone try this before? Anyone care?

Or, I could just piece together the connector and just buy the spray bar itself.

Thoughts, opinions, and comments are all appreciated. Thank you.

It is simple to do yourself....mine just wouldn't work without the flow control valve from RENA. Regardless of the diamater or number of holes I tried in the bar the flow was way too strong. Obviously that has a lot to do with the size of the tank and filter. I just ended up buying the outflow kit that you referenced.
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