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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
I agree with that but to say that Apple Ear buds are the best bang for the buck...that's either because they are essentially free with a new Apple product, or because the person either has never in their life listened to music through a decent pair of headphones or they really don't care about music quality. IMO, the GR07 or GR07 bass represent one of the best for the money right now. I have the GR07 Bass and they are really good earphones for the cost. I think I paid less than $30 shipped for the pair. To purchase the Apple Ear Pods, they cost the same amount. Of course for serious listening, I'm reaching for my Etymotics.
Yeah haha the Apple ear buds, even with the big improvements they've made, still can't hold a candle to my S5i or GR07.

Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
its a shame onkyo isn't really around anymore to trump everyone.
Osaka Denki Onkyo had it right when he said it takes power to create clarity. and ima rant real quick, everyone can take their digital crap back to the store, analog amps still hit harder, have meatier mids, and crisper highs than most new digital amps today.
For at home, sitting down, with power-hungry full-sized cans, sure! For on-the-go, well, we have to stick with our digital crap

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