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I set up a new bottle from scratch yesterday, with the clear tubing I got from Big Al's - first things first 11/64 was TOO SMALL - the narrow opening pinched the hose, it was just a little too small - fortunately my drill bits are in 1/64th-inch increments, so I went up one to a 3/16 and used needle nose pliers to pull the hose through - it's tight. I have a 2 litre bottle and a 355 ml (that's 10 oz, USA) chamber bottle taped to the side - picture a hose out of the 2 litre into the small and then another coming out the small again that goes to the tank - the smaller bottle gets *ALL* the residue because it just drips out of the hose, and accumulates in the bottom, leaving only the gas to escape. It's working very well, I have a stready stream of tiny bubbles from the airstone, which I expect to remain completely clean.

The one addition I would suggest that I have not seen is a check valve - they're cheap, and you can put the bottle wherever you want then - it also seems to me that at some point there will be sufficient pressure to either a) make the bottle/lid fail (in which case it was no good anyway) or b) force the hose column back. I tell ya they're indispensible - just watch one pump short out and suddenly they seem very cheap, kinda like insurance :?

I have a question for the more experienced, though - assuming the hole is so tight that the hose needs to be pulled through, are there any suggestions as to how to open and close the bottle when changing yeast? :roll: I have been twisting it enough one way that when I screw it back on it comes out smooth, necessity being the mother of invention - is there a better way?
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