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Originally Posted by Hmoobthor View Post
anyone know where i can get some 5 of them...

looking to get the fine air stone..

i try to contact kordon through email ( 1 week now) but it seems like they don't wanna reply back.....

Maybe your LFS carry them?

i can order the medium version on their website...looking to get it cheap
Hi Hmoobthor,

First let me complement you are your judgement and choice, Kordon Mist makes the finest airstones....period. The glass bead design don't plug as quickly as sandstone, they doesn't 'break down' like sandstone, and I can recharge them with vinegar water. Personally I prefer Medium but Fine is good as well.

Our LFS don't stock them, and they are hard to find online, but if I ask one of my LFS they will special order them by the box for me; apparently one of our local wholesalers stocks them because I usually get them in a week.

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