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A Bit Larger Maintenance Free Tank

Originally Posted by PaulG View Post
This is my 2nd Walstad in fact, definitely need more plants I know. Put some L. Repens and H.Polysperma in behind the wood, only tiny cuttings so far but they always grow super fast for me. Other than that the only thing that's changed is some massive duckweed growth, it's close to covering 2/3 of the tank now.

I know, slow progress!

Not sure about adding pothos, may add some emersed plants once it develops a little. It's a north facing window so maybe I'll even wait until the summer so they can benefit from the natural light.
Hello Paul...

If you want to consider emersed plants, Pothos is average at best. Chinese Evergreen will filter the water much better, but the root ball will need to be aerated to ensure the roots get the nutrients from the water, so the plants grows and keeps the water pure for any fish you may want to add. Attached is a pic of one of my no water change tanks. I do have to replace the water lost to evaportation.

Good luck and above all, have fun.


"Fear not my child, just change the tank water."

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