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Unwrap the anacharis and let each piece of it benefit from the light.
Anacharis doesn't tend to do well with Excel (as per Seachem's website). I'm not sure about half dose Excel though.

I'd say you're off to a good start. Good suggestion above re the fert tabs. Swords may get too big for that size tank. If this were a dirt tank I'd suggest taking out the swords (large root system so if you ever had to move it it would create a big mess) but I think you're ok to leave it for now. Hopefully it'll do well.

If you are thinking of moss, I might be inclined to stick to the CPDs and add a few shrimp. The shrimp might be able to be self sustaining if the young have a place to hide. I'm a big fan of cory cats but I've read they should be kept in groups.
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