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Originally Posted by Dayumdanny View Post
Can you elaborate more on this?
If you take a look at even a simplified flow rate equation, you'll notice that flow rate is is related to the diameter of the pipe (tubing) raised to the 4th power.

Going from 1 inch tubing to 1/2 inch tubing would not halve the flow, but would actually reduce it to 1/16 the flow instead (assuming equal pressure, as the water in the canister filter that is being pumped out by the canister head is being replaced by siphoning action only).

Originally Posted by OVT View Post
I could use some education here. Thx.
See my explanation above.

A 1 inch pipe would have flow rate F, where as two 1 inch pipes would have 2F flow rate.

Originally Posted by In.a.Box View Post
keep in mind, 2 inlet mean more water will flow into the canister. The pump must pump up fast enough to keep up with the water flowing down.

Downgrade the inlet size. if its 1" use 2x 1/2"
Is not true either. If there is extra water, it just means that the water will be sitting around in the tubing for a longer period of time. It is not like it will leak out from the filter, etc.

So, to answer the original question: Just add another intake filter, with tubing of the same size, and you will be fine.


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