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Pay off family debts/bills, buy some houses/cars whatever for family. I haven't got many blood relations left and while I've got plenty of 2nd n 3rd cousins I'm not gonna buy em all something. Uncle Martin I haven't seen in 30 years... yeah, not so much.

Figure that'd cost me $20 million TOPS

I would buy some property, probably something like this

Let's call that $25 million

I'd buy a nice yacht or some charter/time share rights to a jet so I could get to my island

Call that $2 million

I'd set up some sort of revenue stream for a couple of my favorite charities
I don't really know what, but I've got some money, I may as well spread it around.

$50 million

I'd gratuitously piss away a few million... cars, parties, nice clothing, gadgets... I'd solve some first world problems, like not having air conditioning in my house or the newest cell phone.

$3 million

I'd probably buy my employer's business so I have something to do when I'm bored.

$5 million maybe

I would slap the other $395 million into some sort of savings/investment scheme, even at 2% interest that should give me $7.9 million gross income... I don't know, I should be able to sustain a reasonably lavish lifestyle on that much and still make yearly charitable contributions without stretching myself too badly.
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