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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
Jake, that looks awesome!! you kept showing us the background, but never the side panels!! great job!! those adorable little critters are going to love their new home!! any plans for flora now that you got everything together? and see? no tannins
Thanks a bunch Bill, I appreciate it. The side panels were just kind of going along with the build. I just went back and looked, I guess I totally overlooked taking pics of them. I have never kept newts before but I love these little guys, they are a blast to watch; up and mobile during the day, easy to take care of and easy to feed.

Flora...........hmm what a good question. As you know because we've talked about it..............plants are so hard to get a hold of up here. I am quite limited. I have some terrestrials that I am looking at putting in there but nothing special at all. I wanted a bunch of fern species for the land to mimic their natural biome but I could only find one scraggly specimen in an area the size of Wisconsin! Kind of bummed. I have anubias and hygrophilia for the water along with some java moss and a couple of emmergent tropicals that will have to fill the voids. Maybe this summer I will look to get a bunch of new plants when I am in Minneapolis. No idea of how I will get em back up here but it would be worth the effort if it works!

thanks again Bill for keeping tabs with the build. And I will let you know tomorrow if there are tannins......havent seen the tank since I filled it on Saturday.
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