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Gah, I was trying to move the drift wood around slightly tonight while doing a water change to lower the nitrates and got the idea that it might be waterlogged enough to not need the tile I screwed into the bottom.

While it was able to stay down on it's own, it wanted to tilt back no matter how many little rocks I propped it up on on the back. And apparently I got really lucky with the angle of the tile mount the first time, because I could NOT get it back to where it would sit right. The attempts uprooted all the pennywort and might have messed with the crypts, too.

So. Made a mess in something I was pretty happy with overall to begin with. Grrr.

Also, yesterday, I put in a moss wall and rock to start growing in.

Went by Aquatic Critter in Nashville today after going to the zoo. They had some very nice ludwigia that they'd labeled "Cuban Ludwigia", that I think might have been Ludwigia palustris after looking around the internet for pics. Really wish I'd found that instead of the repens I bought. I don't think I have room for another stem plant, or I'd have bought it.

Also saw some dwarf Mexican crawfish. Very cool, and would almost make me rethink the shrimp thing.

I ordered some Marsilea Minuta. The lot was probably more than I needed, but I agree that I need something more up front in the empty area.

Thinking about getting a floating plant of some sort to be a nitrate sponge after seeing my nitrates go so high in the cylce. Specifically I'm trying to decide between Asian Watermoss (Salvinia cucullata), and Frogbit.
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