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Really strange worm in substrate...

I had a surprise today when doing maintenance on my 50G. There was some weird movement in the substrate. (Gravel-top, Flourite Black-middle, Laterite-bottom). There was a worm, about a 1/2" worm, digging through the substrate. It was dark pink/brown and looked almost like an earthworm. It would move and one end of it's body would get big and the other, skinny; And vice versa. I was so worried when I saw it, I grabbed my long plant tongs and snatched it out of the tank. Unfortunately, in a fit of "wormophobia", I stuck it in a paper towel and sent it to the great porcelain fishing hole. That blew any chance of a photo.

Does anyone have any idea what this thing might have been? I searched and found pics of planaria and I'm 99% sure that it is not planaria. Any wild guesses are cool, too...
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