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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
30 would be nice, low light.

But the Edge is shallow. Add in substrate and things are even more shallow. The Edge is only eight or so inches deep/tall, if I remember correctly.
Yup, its about 8 and some inches tall. Of course you have to also account for the 1-2" for the light's legs (assuming it has them).

Somewhatshocked, would 30 PAR be good for shorter, more compact growth for low-light plants (e.g. crypt parva and red wendtii).

I'm still unsure about if the Fugeray's 30 PAR or Ray IIs 49 PAR is better for a non CO2 and simple ferts setup.]

To Soup, I think an upgrade is worth it. Well lit Edges look amazing and many people have maintained low maintenance edge's with upgraded lighting. You could always diffuse the light it if it gets to be too bright. I think the stock light makes for a darker, shadowed tank (which is fine if you like it that way).
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