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Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
nvidia has more process cores, more memorry bandwidth, and basically more pwoer. period
Now see, this is where you're wrong and an example of the fanboyism I talked about.

1) The GTX 690 is more than twice the price of a 7970, so this is not even a fair comparison. He did say he wanted to spend $300-400, not $1000+.
2) More processor cores does not mean better performance in all cases. It depends on the architecture.
3) Since the 690 is a dual-gpu card, it effectively halves the specs listed for memory bandwidth. In actuality, it only has 2 Gbs of usable VRAM and a 256 bit-bus, compared to the 7970s 3Gbs and 384bit-bus.
4) You want actual benchmarks, not just specs.

Here's a good benchmark comparing a 7950 to a 660ti which are at exactly the same price point (~$300). You'll notice that it's faster than even a 670. Now keep in mind that the 7970 is even better than the 7950 and still the same price as a 670.

Originally Posted by HD Blazingwolf View Post
radeon's are smoother running just don't have as much nuts. similar to when intel and AMD where battling out processors. amd' cpu's are better all round cpus and intel's are just power hogs.. but intel played their hand and AMD waved the white flag. they will no longer be running the race, just content to have second hand cpu's at an affordable price
We weren't talking about CPUs though...
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