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GTX 690 GPU Engine Specs:
3072CUDA Cores
915Base Clock (MHz)
1019Boost Clock (MHz)
234Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)GTX 690 Memory Specs:
6.0Memory Speed (Gbps)
4096 MB (2048 MB per GPU) GDDR5Standard Memory Config
512-bit (256-bit per GPU)Memory Interface Width
384Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

radion 7970 GHZ edition
Up to 925MHz Engine Clock
3GB GDDR5 Memory
1375MHz Memory Clock (5.5Gbps GDDR5)
264GB/s memory bandwidth (maximum)
3.79 TFLOPS Single Precision compute power
947 GFLOPS Double Precision compute power
GCN Architecture
32 compute units (2048 Stream Processors)
128 Texture Units
128 Z/Stencil ROP Units
32 Color ROP Units
Dual Geometry Engines
Dual Asynchronous Compute Engines (ACE)

nvidia has more process cores, more memorry bandwidth, and basically more pwoer. period
radeon's are smoother running just don't have as much nuts. similar to when intel and AMD where battling out processors. amd' cpu's are better all round cpus and intel's are just power hogs.. but intel played their hand and AMD waved the white flag. they will no longer be running the race, just content to have second hand cpu's at an affordable price
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